Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Burgundy, White, and Metallic

Hey everybody! As it's the week before Christmas, I've been trying to dress a bit more 'festively' for the next few days. Anyways, I thought that this skirt was white and gold when I first thrifted it but it seems to have a 'greenish/gray' sheen to it--let's call it metallic! haha! P.S. This whole outfit consists of thrifted items--yay!


  1. Love that skirt layered with the vest. The skirt is totally awesome too. This looks like the sort of outfit they'd pick out for a look in Vogue. Totally model-esque! Extra bonus awesome points for being thrifted!

  2. The skirt is a great thrift find. Nice styling with the burgundy!

  3. Yay for thrifted outfits! I love that skirt, and it definitely looks metallic. Very festive and cute :)

  4. Love the metallic skirt paired with the burgundy waist coat! Fab!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours